29thAnnual ISoF Conference

Welcome to the 29th Annual ISoF Conference!

The School of Economics & Business of the University of Oviedo is hosting the29th Annual International Society of Franchising Conference to be held in June 2015. This event is the premier conference for researchers in franchising, and is aimed at all academics, students and practitioners in the area.

Manuel González Díaz

Program chair

Dr. Manuel González Díaz

Former Dean of the School of Economics & Business of the University of Oviedo, he is now associate professor of Organizational Economics. Head of the research group GAECO, specialized in research, teaching and consulting of franchising and other hybrid forms. The organizing committee of the Conference comprises the members of this research group.

The School of Economics & Business is the result of the merger of three historical centres of the University of Oviedo related to the teaching of Economics, Business, Management and Commerce. Therefore, this centre gathers the tradition, experience and knowledge of all those centres, some of which were founded in Oviedo in 1908.

Edificio Histórico. Universidad de Oviedo


The University of Oviedo is one of the oldest in Spain. It was created in the 16th century. Nowadays, the University includes several degrees and a plural community located at different cities in the region of Asturias.

The sessions will be held in the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo, 1 San Francisco st. 33003, Oviedo (locate on map)

The University of Oviedo's Gaudeo project provides a nice virtual tour to its well known historical building, built between 1574 and 1608 to house the university founded by Archbishop Fernando de Valdés Salas.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Marta Fernández Barcala
Dr. Susana López Bayón
Dr. Begoña López Fernández
Dr. Vanesa Solís Rodríguez

Board Members

President: Marko Grünhagen

Vicepresident: Bob Stassen

Secretary: Rozenn Perrigot

Webmaster: Lorelle Frazer

5th Board Member & 2015 Conference Chair: Manuel González Díaz

Administrative Office

Contact us: isof2015@uniovi.es

We hope to see you in Oviedo next June, 2015!