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teorema invites submissions for a special issue on philosophy of medicine. In recent years, the philosophy of medicine has gained an increasingly visible position. More and more philosophers and medical professionals are interested in the metaphysical and epistemological aspects of the theory, research and practice of medicine. Thus, philosophical studies on the concepts, methods, and implications of medicine are giving rise to influential theoretical proposals supported by transdisciplinary approaches that aim to be relevant to medical practice.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of suggested topics for contributions:

The scientific status of medicine: Is medicine "applied biology"? Is medicine a science or an art? How can medicine be clearly distinguished from pseudo-medicine and other pernicious discourses?
The definition of health and disease: Is it necessary to define these concepts? Is it possible -or desirable- to achieve a universal definition of health and disease? What is the current state of the debate between naturalists and normativists?
The role of values in medical philosophy: How does the social context affect medical theory and practice? How are medical values grounded in contemporary moral theories?
Classification in medicine: What are the problems and shortcomings of medical classification systems (ICD, DSM, etc.)? Are diseases natural kinds or social constructs?
Causality in medicine: What is the most adequate causal model to understand medicine? What are the philosophical challenges of the Evidence Based Medicine?
Mental illness: Do mental diseases really exist? Are the criticisms of the Anti-psychiatry movement still valid? How does the categorization of mental disease affect classical questions of philosophy of mind, such as the mind-body problem?
Public health and new global challenges. What is the most appropriate theoretical framework for addressing public health problems? Are new global health challenges, such as the health alarm caused by COVID-19, changing the philosophy of medicine? Is the philosophy of medicine a useful tool for addressing these challenges?

Articles must be written in English or Spanish and should not exceed 6,000 words. For the presentation of their articles, authors are requested to take
 into account the instructions available here. Submissions must be suitable for blind review.
Submitted papers should be sent as attachments in an e-mail message with the subject “Monograph on Philosophy of Medicine” to the following address: 

Notification of intent to submit, including both a title and a summary of the content, will be greatly appreciated, as it will assist with the coordination and planning of the special issue.

Any queries should be addressed to the guest editor, Cristian Saborido

Closing date: July 10th, 2020



Winner and finalist

teorema are pleased to announce that the winning entry for the 2018 edition of their Essay Prize for Young Scholars on Inner Speech is:

“The Agentive Role of Inner Speech in Self-Knowledge”
by Sam Wilkinson
Exeter University, UK.

The winner will receive 1.500€, and the paper will be published in a forthcoming issue of teorema.


In addition, the following entry has been designated by the jury as finalist:

 “Are Inner Speech Utterances Actions?”
by Daniel Gregory
Tübingen Universität, Germany


The jury appointed by teorema included the following members:
Josefa Toribio (Barcelona University/ Icrea, Spain)
José Luis Bermúdez (Texas A&M University, USA)
Agustín Vicente (Basque Country University, Vitoria, Spain)



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