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Title: Diseño de una columna de ducha con sensor de temperatura de agua basado en diodos LED

Author: Diego Fernández Martín     
Manuel Rico-Secades, Antonio Javier Calleja Rodríguez

(Detail of current flow harvester designed in the project)

Work presented in July 2011

Grade Electrical Engineering
(3 year degree - B.Eng degree)


Design of water temperature color LED based for a shower column. The color of the water indicates the temperature level. Red is hot, blue is cold and green is moderate.

The proposed system does not incorporate battery. An original current flow harvester has been designed in order to get energy from the water pressure.

Project incorporates turbine design, PCB design, microcontroller programming and sensor interface. Electrical, electronic and mechanical design of the system has been considered in the work.

Additional information
  • Paper with summary of the work (link)
  • Presentation used in public dissertation (link)
  • Standard poster (link)