5th& and 6th October 2010
University of Oviedo
Faculty of Philology


Meeting Lounge of the Department of Spanish Philology

(Main Building, 2nd floor)

Campus of Humanities, Oviedo


12-10-2010: Certificates can be take from Monday October 18th at prof. Ramón d'Andrés office (Faculty of Philology, Campus del Milán, Uviéu), from 12:00 to 1:00pm.



Conferences from prof. Hans Goebl, Gonzalo Nieto Feliner, José Ramón Morala Rodríguez, José Enrique Gargallo Gil y Pilar García Mouton are available for watching from University of Oviedo Mediateca's page.


The research group Seminariu de Filoloxía Asturiana within University of Oviedo organises a Conference that, under the generic title «Ciencia, llingua y fronteres» ('Science, Language & Boundaries'), will be held at the Faculty of Philology, the coming 5th and 6th October 2010 in the capital city of Asturias.

From the onset, Linguistics has been faced, as a discipline, with the challenge of classifying and typifying linguistic diversity, the multifaceted reality of language as a biological attribute of humankind. This task of recognising the units of study (types, domains or languages), implicitly recognises and measures the boundaries between such units, placing Linguistics in front of specific taxonomic problems still to be solved. Does it make sense to distinguish between language and dialect? If it does, under which criteria? How can be boundaries between languages (or dialects) be established?

In these discussion we will have some Asturian, Spanish and European specialists in General Linguistics, Romance Literature, Hispanic Dialectology, Galician-Portuguese and Asturleonese Philology. But since the debate goes beyond Linguistics, there will be scope for contributions from specialists from disciplines such as Language Philosophy, Anthropology or Biology, as they share some of the the same concerns about the boundaries and classification.



Registration should be made effective by transferring €10 to the following bank account: Cajastur 2048-0124-93-3404001127, quoting "Congresu Ciencia, Llingua y Fronteres". Registration deadline, 4th October. Those registered will be issued an attendance certificate.


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