Francisco Javier Pérez Barbería

CSIC Research scientist

Instituto Mixto de Investigación en Biodiversidad
Universidad de Oviedo, Campus de Mieres
Edificio de Investigación – 5ª planta
c/ Gonzalo Gutiérrez Quirós s/n
33600 Mieres, Asturias, Spain.
+34 985103000 (Ext. 5945)

Synopsis of research interest

I am a PhD biologist, for more than 25 years I have devoted my research to the study of the ecology of large herbivorous mammals that spans morphological and behavioural functional adaptations, habitat use, inter- and intraspecific animal interactions, including sexual segregation. My research is based on information generated from experimental designs, meta-analysis, and data modelling.
A great deal of my work was carried out at the James Hutton Institute (Scotland, UK) where I held a senior scientist position. In recent years I have focused on the study of herbivory as a tool for ecosystem restoration and its impact on habitat and climate, and in the context of managing land use to benefit biodiversity and engaging human communities in the sustainable management of natural resources, with a special interest in rewilding and traditional pastoralism.



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Francisco Javier Pérez Barbería (also known as: F.J. Pérez-Barbería, J. Pérez-Barbería, F. Javier Pérez-Barbería).