«The brown bear capture and radio tagging program in Castilla y León began successfully with a bear in Alto Sil». COMMUNICATION from the Junta de Castilla y León, 9 September, 2021.

Link to the news in COMUNICACIÓN de Castilla y León (only in Spanish)

Specialized teams from the Regional Ministry of Development and Environment, made up of environmental agents, technicians, veterinarians, and members of the Alto Sil Bear Patrols, carried out yesterday afternoon the first capture and radio tagging of a brown bear in the Cordillera for several decades. The actions were carried out together with researchers from the Cantabrian Brown Bear Research Group of the Instituto Mixto en Investigación en Biodiversidad (IMIB, CSIC / Universidad de Oviedo / Principado de Asturias), led by Dr. Vincenzo Penteriani, and veterinary staff from the Wild Fauna Recovery Center of the Regional Ministry of Rural Development, Livestock, Fishing, Food and Environment of the Government of Cantabria. This intervention is part of the Brown bear Capture and Radiolabeling Plan in Castilla y León in the project ‘A step forward the conservatiuon of threatened species in Spain: Brown bear telemetry in the Cantabrian Mountains (bearMOVE; PID2020-114181GB100)’ approved by the Ministry of Science and Innovation in June 2021 to the group of Dr. Vincenzo Penteriani. It also has the technical and financial support of the International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA), and the Cabárceno Nature Park, where practices prior to the start of the program have been developed.