Vincenzo Penteriani

  • Dirección
    Unidad Mixta de Investigación en Biodiversidad
    Universidad de Oviedo, Campus de Mieres
    Edificio de Investigación – 5ª planta
    c/ Gonzalo Gutiérrez Quirós s/n
    33600 Mieres, Spain

    Web: http://www.vincenzopenteriani.org

    Líneas de investigación

    My interests are diverse and include: (i) brown bear ecology and behaviour in the Cantabrian Mountains (NW Spain) and, more generally, brown bear populations in human-modified landscapes; (ii) large carnivore-human conflicts, in particular large carnivores attacks on humans; (iii) floater dynamics and natal/breeding dispersal; (iv) movement ecology; and (v) animal communication by visual signalling.

    CANTABRIAN BROWN BEAR RESEARCH GROUP: http://www.cantabrianbrownbear.org 


    Web: Publicaciones

Científico Titular (CSIC)

Email: v.penteriani@csic.es