Bank of tumors

Unit headBanco de Tumores JG 120

Aurora Astudillo González


Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias.


Presentation and objectives

November 2000. The IUOPA management, specifically the Director, Dr. Carlos López Otín, contacted Aurora Astudillo, a Lecturer in the Anatomical Pathology Service of the Asturias Central Hospital (HCA) who was then already a member of the IUOPA, to propose the idea of creating a tumour bank at the Hospital. Support was also offered in the form of IUOPA-funded technical staff and the provision of the necessary infrastructure.

December 2000. The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) organised a national information meeting on tumour banks in Madrid, which was attended by Agustín Herrero Zapatero, Head of the Anatomical Pathology Service of the HCA, Aurora Astudillo, Section Head, and José Ramón Riera, Director of the hospital’s Medical Unit. Following this meeting, the Medical Unit agreed to the creation of a Tumour Bank in the Centre, which would form part of the Basic Medical Research Unit under the responsibility of Aurora Astudillo. It was decided to accept the staff and infrastructure support offered by the IUOPA, and both the Heads of Anatomical Pathology, Agustín Herrero and Andrés Ribas, agreed to all the conditions in February 2001.

March 2001. The HCA/IUOPA Tumour Bank came into operation, with Teresa Hernández Iglesias moving from the IUOPA to become the Bank’s Head Technician, taking responsibility for setting up the technical aspects.Information meetings specifically for surgical staff were held, as were a number of general information sessions. In a letter addressed to Rosa María Simó, the Centre’s Ethics Committee was asked to approve the text of the informed consent form.

July 2001. Attendance at the CNIO’s national meeting on Tumour Banks.

September 2001. An interview was requested with Rosa María Simó in order to obtain information on the approval of the informed consent form. She reported that the Ethics Committee had approved both the text to be included in the section on surgery and the specific text on the Tumour Bank, and asked Astudillo to use the latter text until the new surgical consent forms with the addendum referring to the Tumour Bank had been printed.

October 2001. Meeting at the Salamanca Cancer Research Centre (CIC) attended by all the Tumour Bank directors in the country with the aim of forming a National Consortium of Tumour Banks. Tasks were assigned and it was agreed that a common website would be set up.

December 2001. The HCA Manager, Juan José Fernández, and the Director of the Basic Medical Research Unit signed a collaboration agreement between the CNIO and the HCA Tumour Bank. No member of the IUOPA participated in the signature of this agreement.

February 2002. The Medical Surgery Unit of the Centre arranged for the Tumour Bank consent to be added to the surgical consent form. Marta Sánchez Pitiot, a member of the IUOPA and an Anatomical Pathology Technician, joined the Tumour Bank to work on the preparation of tumour tissue for research.Information meetings were held in regional hospitals throughout the year in order to publicise tumour banks with the aim of creating a Regional Tumour Bank Network.

January 2003. The creation of a regional tumour bank was proposed to Consuelo Rayón, Head of the Cancer Research Secretariat, with centres in the main hospitals in the region: Gijon, Aviles and Cuencas Mineras, as well as the Hospital del Oriente, Hospital de Occidente and the Hospital del Sur.

September 2003. The subsidy received from the Cooperative Cancer Research Network (RTICCC) enabled the acquisition of the laboratory infrastructure necessary for the quality control of the samples stored.In the same month, the Centre management held a meeting with those responsible for coordination of the Bank and it was decided to cancel the agreement linking the Bank to the CNIO and for it to report directly to the RTICCC Network instead.

December 2003. Working alongside the company Soluziona, Teresa Hernández began preparation of the questionnaires relating to storage procedures in the Tumour Bank in order to adapt it to the ISO 9000 standard.

January 2004. All the compiled cases now had individual informed consent forms obtained following an interview with patients by the Head of the Tumour Bank.

February 2004. The Tumour Bank Technician, Teresa Hernández, moved on to work with Enrique Álava in the Tumour Bank at the Salamanca Cancer Research Centre and was replaced by Aitana Vallina, who took over as the new Head Technician.


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