By 1987 Prof. Mario Díaz reincorporated to the University of Oviedo, after being Professor in the University of Las Palmas and in the University of the Basque Country at Bilbao. Previous works in the Department of Chemical Engineering in Bilbao from 1981 were based on different applications of gas/liquid (and G/L/L) reactors design, transport phenomena in food processing, and in the use of ion exchange for treatment of hydrometallurgical solutions. The basic background from the PhD thesis on flue gas desulfurization (Prof. J. Coca) was completed with several stays in Chemical Engineering Departments in Nancy, Imperial College, Umist, and the longest in Cambridge under the direction of Prof. PV Danckwerts from whom interest on mass transfer with chemical reaction was remarked.
The mentioned areas were successively developed with the support and strenght of other younger professors in the university. Fermentations are now studied with the co-direction of Dr. Luis García after collaborations with A. Longo (in U.Vigo), S.S.Pandiella (now in UMIST) , A.I García (now in U. Leon). Biological water treatment has been developed with the co-direction of D. Antonio Gutiérrez and the participation of other collaborators many of them having periods of work in industrial plants.
The evolution of the studies of chemical reactions has been more varied, some of the collaborations previously with professors of the U. Pais Vasco, in the last year through collaborations with different doctors and postgraduates. Developments of the work in separation in columns were treated in Oviedo before with the collaboration of Dr. A. Fernández (now in U. Albi/France) now with Dr. M. Rendueles. Collaborations continue with F. Mijangos (UPV). Interest in the last years has increased in the characterization of bioprocesses, microorganisms in solid phase, wet oxidation of organic waste water, and in the recycling, recovery and reuse of organic waste compounds.

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