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The Spanish Philosophy journal teorema is pleased to announce an essay competition for young scholars. The winner will receive 1500.00€, and the essay will be published and acknowledged as winner in the journal.

Topic: Aesthetics and Science

What is the relationship between aesthetics and science? Must they be kept strictly apart? Or rather, do aesthetic considerations play an important role in the development of science? And if so, how far does the influence of aesthetics reach? From the syntactic perspective defended by logical positivism, science and aesthetics appear to be entirely independent fields. However, the arrival of semantic approaches in the philosophy of science in the 1960s put a new emphasis on the diversity of scientific models and forms of representation, and as a result aesthetics and science began to be treated as interconnected fields. An example of this is the work of Ronald Giere and Bas van Fraasen, stressing the similarities between the modes of representation used in art and the sciences. More recently, Milena Ivanova has highlighted the aesthetics of scientific activity itself, as aesthetic properties have an effect on the construction of science, thereby acquiring an epistemic role.

Applicants must be under 35 on the closing date of the competition.

Entries must be in English and not exceed 8000 words in length, notes and
references included.

All entries will be deemed submissions to teorema, and all quality submissions will be considered for publication. Entries must not have been published before or be under consideration by other journals.

All entries, prepared for blind review, will be submitted electronically both in doc and pdf format, and addressed to the Editor, indicating “teorema Essay Prize” in the subject heading.

Entries will be judged by a panel of reputed scholars appointed by teorema. Their decision will be final.

Contact details for queries and submissions:
E-mail: rev.teorema@gmail.com

Closing date: 18th September, 2022


Guest editors:
Diana Pérez (Universidad de Buenos Aires; SADAF),
Antoni Gomila (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

Our daily lives human beings interact in many different ways. Such interactions are mediated by our understanding of human minds, by ascriptions of what the person we are interacting with wants and thinks, feels and intends. Mainstream accounts of social cognition have been criticized for neglecting the interactive dimension of social situations and for adopting an individualistic and detached view of social cognition (conceived as a “theory of mind”). As an alternative, the vindication and articulation of the second person perspective of mental attribution has been developed and is getting momentum.
In the book “Social cognition and the second person in human interaction” (Routledge, 2021), Diana Pérez & Toni Gomila have articulated an original view of the second person. The aim of the book is to give a detailed and perspicuous presentation of second personal interactions. The central thesis is that this kind of interactions entail a genuine and distinctive form of psychological attribution, that are called second-person attributions. These attributions are characterized as transparent, implicit, practical, directly perceived and reciprocally contingent. It is also argued that they are the conceptually, ontogenetically and phylogenetically basic way of understanding mentality, the ladder to master other forms of psychological attribution (like acquiring mental concepts and attributing propositional attitudes).
teorema (www.unioviedo.es/Teorema) invites submissions to a special issue on the second person perspective of mental attribution. The following is a list ofsuggestedtopics for contributions:

•Discussions of Perez & Gomila’s book
•Contrasting views of the second person perspective
•Empirical approaches to second person phenomena
•The relationship of the second person perspective to other perspectives
(first-, third-, first plural)
•The relevance of the second person to further philosophical topics.

Articles must be written in Spanish or English and should not exceed 6,000 words. For the presentation of their articles, authors are requested to take into account the instructions available here. Submissions must be suitable for blind review. Both a DOC and a PDF document must be sent to the Editorindicating “Monograph on the Second Person” in the subject heading.

Notification of intent to submit, including both a title and a summary of the content, will be greatly appreciated, as it will assist with the coordination and planning of the special issue.

Extended Deadline: 15th July 2022

Contact details for queries and submissions:
Prof. Luis M. Valdés Villanueva
Editor of teorema
E-mail: rev.teorema@gmail.com


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