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Welcome to the Optimization & Applications Research Group website. Our research activities focus primarily on the field of Optimization, more specifically on Dynamic Optimization and Quadratic Programming. We also apply these techniques to several real practical problems, mainly in Hydrothermal Systems, but also in Economics and Chemistry, among other fields. Due to the hybrid nature of the research that we carry out, we publish our work not only in Applied Mathematics forums, but also in Engineering forums.

We approach these problems from a mathematical perspective, using diverse tools such as:

- Functional Analysis

- Direct Methods (Ritz Method)

- Calculus of Variations

- Optimal Control (Pontryagin’s Principle, Bolza Problem, Singular/Bang-Bang Control, etc.)

- Nonsmooth Analysis (Clarke’s generalized gradient, etc.)

Moreover, we have made significant contributions in the area of Pure Mathematics, like for example in:

- Problems Involving Inequality Constraints

- Differential Inclusions

- Broken Extremals

- Fields of Extremals

- Shooting Method

- Cyclic Coordinate Descent Algorithm

- Infimal Convolution

These mathematical problems arise from typical Engineering problems, such as Optimization of Hydrothermal Systems, and also from Economics problems. Among others, these include:

- Equivalent Thermal Plant

- Economic Dispatch

- Multi-Fuel power plants

- Combined Cycle units

- Minimization of Pollution Emissions (NOx, SO2, ...)

- Environmentally Constrained Economic Dispatch

- Unit Commitment

- Short-Term Hydrothermal Coordination

- Pumped-storage plants

- Hydro-eolic power plans

- Deregulated Electricity Market

- Forecasting Electricity Prices and wind generation

- Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

- Linear unbranched chemical process

- Mathematical Biosciences

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