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Victorio Cadierno Menéndez

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry






Victorio Cadierno (Oviedo, 1969), studied chemistry at the University of Oviedo and obtained his Ph.D. degree in 1996 working under the supervision of Prof. J. Gimeno. He then joined the group of Prof. J. P. Majoral at the LCC-CNRS (Toulouse, France) for a two-year postdoctoral stay. Thereafter, he returned to the University of Oviedo where he is currently Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry. In 2002 he was awarded with the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) Young Investigator Award and in 2015 he received the Prize for Excellence in Organometallic Chemistry Research. His research interests cover chemistry of organometallic complexes and their catalytic applications, being co-editor of one book and co-author of 15 book chapters, one patent and more than 180 publications.


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