Eva González Fernández

Post-doctoral fellowship at University of Edinburgh

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Educational background

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She joined Prof. Paulino Tuñón Blanco's group in the Fall of 2006 as undergraduate colaborator.  Her worked focused on the electrochemical characterization of the oxidation products of guanosine and xanthosine under physiological conditions. She confirmed the existance of a convergent oxidation route for the purine bases leading to a common product that might be the origin of certain mutations in DNA.  This work constituted her Habilitation Thesis and was published in Electroanalysis. 

She was awarded a FPU fellowship to work on the development of electrochemical aptamer-based sensors.  During her graduate years she moved to Firenze (Italy) at Prof. M. Mascini's labs for four months  and Prof. K.W. Plaxco labs (UCLA-Santa Barbara, USA) for three monthsto acquire further knowledge of this subject. 

After gaining her PhD degree, she moved to Scotland to work in the development of commercial electrochemical biosensors in a leader worldwide company. After more than a year, she moved to the University of Edinburgh as a Postdoctoral fellowship.