Noemí de los Santos Álvarez

Associate Professor

Contact info


Office 199-1 (first floor).

Phone # (office): (34) 98 510 34 90

             (lab): (349 98 510 29 63


Laboratories 073 and 101. Facultad de Química 



She is a BSc in Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry major) and PhD in Chemistry at University of Oviedo (Spain). She was awarded a Extraordinary Bachelor Degree Award and San Alberto Magno Award in 2001.

She has characterized redox mediators of the oxidation of NADH based on N9-substituted adenine derivatives for the development of electrochemical methods to detect several antitumoral drugs and clinical relevant markers. She has characterized Pt.-based ordered intermetallics acting as the anode in fuel cells during the two-years stage at Cornell Univeristy under Prof. H. D. Abruña advisoring. She was awarded a Ramón y Cajal contract and she is now an Associate Professor at University of Oviedo. Her current researcher interests are devoted to the development of electrochemical aptasensors and genosensors to detect mpt pmñu  pathogens, allergens and genetically modified organisms but also tumor biomarkers. In that sense, the group has experience in the selection of aptamers through SELEX and their characterization usign Surface Plasmon Resonance. She has authored over 50 international peer-reviewed publications and has a extended experience in supervising MSc and PhD students.