Patricia de los Santos Álvarez

Educational background


Research interests:

She joined Prof. Paulino Tuñón Blanco's in 1997.  Her work focused on the study of the oxidation processes of nucleic acids.  She described the catalytic activity of oxidation products of the adenine nucleobase in nucleic acids towards the oxidation of NADH. This allowed the development of electrodes modified with DNA/RNA for the detection of NADH.  Likewise, she developed a electrochemical method for the detection of the hybridization event using brilliant cresyl blue dye as intercalator and catalyst of the oxidation of NADH.  This approach allowed detecting single-base mutations.

She codirected the Rebeca Miranda Castro's Habilitation Thesis.

She is a Master in Workplace Health and Safety (Safety Specialist 2005,  Ergonomics and Psicosociology Specialist 2006, Industrial Hygiene Specialist 2006). She has taken numerous quality and environmental control courses.

Currently, she is working in Conycal as Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Manager.

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