The group over the years    

July 2017

Susana Barreda has gained her PhD. Congratulations!!


January 2017

María Jesús is now a Full Professor. Congratulations!!

Nov 2016

Our group leader has been awarded FACE Award for her development of a more sensitive method for gluten detection in food.

May 2015

We have a new doctor in the group. Congratulations Sonia!!    

Rebeca Miranda has attended the Biosensing Conference in Lisbon.

March 2015

Prof. Ribeiro from Piaui (Brazil) has joined us in the frame of the IRSES project

Suely Melo has left us after a year struggling with DNA and isothermal amplifications. Good luck in your life!!

August 2014

Dr. Durcilene Alves da Silva from Piauí, Brazil, has joined us for a month within the frame of the European Project GMOsensor (IRSES).

July 2014

Miguel Aller and Emilio Santiago have presented their Master Thesis. Congrats to both of you!

Enrika from LIthuania is joining us for three month Erasmus stay. Welcome!!

June 2014

Laura López has presented her Habilitation Thesis. Congrats!

María Jesús and Noemí attended the ESEAC 2014 held in Malmö. María Jesús gave a talk about our novel HDA-hybridization assay for isothermal amplification of pathogens

March 2014

Organizing the first worshop from GMOsensor project. Scientist from five countries of two continents meet together to discuss about the inexpensive and rapid analyisis of genetically modified organisms

Suely Melo from University of Piauí has arrived for a year stay with us within the GMOsensor exchange programme. 

Feb 2014

Our recent article published in Analytical Chemistry has been commented in Chemical and Engineering News 

Assay Detects Minuscule Amounts Of Gluten In Food


July 2013

Fátima and José go back to their countries. Good luck!

Susana Barreda and Romina Fernández have defended their Master Project. Congrats!

June 2013

Emilio J. Santiago has defended his minor thesis and he is now a contracted research in our lab. Congratulations!!

María Jesús and Noemí have attended Seqa 2013 held at Úbeda. María Jesús gave a talk about helicase-dependent amplification coupled to electrochemical genoassays

Fátima Barroso is again with us for a two-month stage

May 2013

José E. Mercado joined us for a two month stage as an undergraduate researcher from Puerto Rico.

Noemí has attended BITE 2013 held at Sitges

January 2013

Susana Barreda joins us as a hired researcher

Emilio José Santiago Rodríguez joins us to carry out his Habilitation Thesis

November 2012

Congrats new Dr. Eva González

October 2012

Fellow Resercher from REQUIMTE (Portugal) María Cristina Castro Freitas joins us for 3 months

September 2012

Prof. Cristina Delerue Matos and Dr. Fátima Barroso from Porto University have visited our labs

We wish Eva a successfull career in Scotland.

Sonia and Daniel starts a three-month stay in Prof. Delerue-Matos (Porto) and Prof. Willner (Israel) labs. Good luck!!

June 2012

Paulino and María Jesús García have been awarded the Gold Medal from Universidad de Oviedo. Congratulations!!

María Jesús, Sonia and Paulino have attended the ESEAC 2012 held at Portorz (Eslovenia)

January 2012

We are pleased to announce the beginning of the official two-year colaboration with the Cristina Delerue-Matos group in Porto, Portugal

Eva leaves the lab for 3 months for a stage at Prof. Plaxco's Labs at UCLA-Santa Bárbara.

December 2011

Goretti leaves the lab. We will miss her scientific and human contributions and we wish her all the best in the future.

September 2011

After an intense and succesful teaching and research career, Prof. Paulino Tuñón is now retired, although we expect to see him at least in the monthly group meetings. We wish him all the best in his new life. He can be proud of the group he founded, which is now in María Jesús Lobo's hands.

Daniel Antuña attended the 4th Graduate Student Symposium on Molecular imprinting where he gave a talk

August 2011

The "Electrochemical biosensors" symposium organized by Paulino Tuñón within the 43rd Worl Chemistry Congress held in Puerto Rico has been a tremendous success. Therein, Noemí de los Santos gave a talk

April 2011

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract


The work Micromachine-Enabled Capture and Isolation of Cancer Cells in Complex Media carried out by María Jesús in collaboration with Prof. Wang group has been selected for the cover of Angewandte Chemie



January 2011

María Jesús has come back from San Diego after a successful 6-month stage at Prof. Wang Laboratories

December 2010

Raquel has returned to Porto to continue her PhD investigations. Good luck!

October 2010

Raquel B. Queirós from Porto (Portugal) has joined us for a three month stage.

September 2010

Daniel has gained his MS Degree. Congrats!!

Rebeca leaves for a post-doc stay in Paris under Dr. Benoit Limoges advisory. We all wish you a profitable and awesome stay in the marvellous city of light. Enjoy! Vive la vie!  A bientot!        Farewell pictures  

July 2010

Goretti has attended Macro2010 43rd IUPAC World Polymer Congress where she gave a conference

June 2010

María Jesús is colaborating with Prof. Wang in San Diego, CA for 6 months. Have a good stay there!!!

We have organized the 13th International Conference on Electroanalysis (ESEAC 2010) in Gijón. It was a great success both scientifically and socially.

May 2010

We have a new Dr. in our lab. Goretti has brilliantly passed her B-exam. Congratulations!!

Noemí has attended the Workshop on Array Technologies held in Istanbul participating as invited speaker

September 2009

    Rebeca has brilliantly passed her B-exam (Dissertation Examination). Congratulations!!     

    Eva & Noemí attended the Conference Euroanalysis 2009 that was held in Innsbruck (Austria)  

    Daniel has been awarded a FICYT predoctoral grant. Congrats!!


July 2009


Mª Jesús participated in SEQA conference held in San Sebastián with a research poster and an educational communation that was selected as flash communication

February 2009

Noemí attended the Screening Europe Conference in Berlin (February 23-25) where she gave a talk about label-free sensing using aptamers

January 2009

Eva González received Premio Extraordinario de Licenciatura on January 28. Congrats!! We attended the ceremony at Paraninfo of Universidad de Oviedo

December 2008

        Yolanda Diñeiro's PhD Dissertation. ¡¡¡Congratulations to our new Doctor!!

July 2008

Noemí de los Santos Álvarez has been awarded a 5-year Ramón y Cajal contract.   Eva González has been awarded a FPU fellowship to gain her PhD degree                                                                            

June 2008

We attended the 12th European Conference on Electroanalysis (ESEAC 2008) that was held in Prague in June. Noemí de los Santos and Rebeca Miranda participated with oral communications. Goretti Díaz participated with a poster.          

October 2007

          Laura & Noemí attended th Seqa Conference held in Pollensa (Mallorca).

September 2007

Rebeca & Goretti attended the Euroanalysis Conference held in Antwerp (Belgium)

June 2006

Rebeca, Goretti & Noemí attended to the 11th Conference on Electroanalysis (ESEAC 2006) held in Bordeaux (France).

October 1998


        AbiPisa 98