Oviedo/Santiago-Joint Theory Meeting


11.30-12.30 Danny Brattan (Technion)

Anyons at strong coupling

A recent programme in the application of gauge/gravity duality to condensed matter systems is a move away from novel phenomena such as high temperature superconductivity towards reproducing more well studied physics such as metal-insulator transitions. This approach is novel because the field theories in question are strongly coupled and quite distinct from the ``usual'' field theories of condensed matter. In this talk I will discuss a model of strongly coupled anyons, particles of non-half integer spin, which are expected to exist in (2+1)-dimensional condensed matter systems.

11.30 -12.30 Coffee break

13.00-14.00 Nick Halmagyi (LPTHE Jussieu, Paris)

Dyonic AdS black holes

I will discuss recent work constructing exact solution of the general dyonic static BPS black hole in AdS4 within N=2 U(1)-gauged supergravity. For certain models these black holes have lifts to M-theory they correspond to M2-branes wrapped on a Riemann surface and rotating on S7

14.00 -... Lunch and discussions  

Location: Lugo (Galicia)

Next Date: 24 October 2014


* Santiago de Compostela High Energy Group

* Oviedo High Energy Theory Group