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The Oviedo Efficiency Group (OEG) comprises a group of researchers working in the fields of efficiency and productivity analysis. The Group was created in 1997 by Dr Antonio Álvarez, who led it until 2010 and consolidated its international standing. The international quality of the Group is demonstrated by the large number of articles published in top international journals. In early 2015, the Group began collaborating with the Cluster of Energy, Environment and Climate Change created by the University of Oviedo through the framework of the Campus of International Excellence project. The research activity of the Group has recently received important financial support from the regional government of Principality of Asturias and the European Union in the form of co-financing by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the period 2014-2017.

The OEG had the honour of hosting the seventh and eighth editions of the European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (EWEPA), and is organizing the 2nd International Seminar on Water Resources Management (WRM) as well as the 9th International Workshop on Empirical Methods in Energy Economics (EMEE), which will take place, respectively, in June and July 2016.



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Heterogeneous spillovers among Spanish provinces: A generalized spatial stochastic frontier model

Alberto Gude, Inmaculada C. Álvarez, Luis Orea


A new stochastic frontier model with cross-sectional effects in both noise and inefficiency terms

Luis Orea, Inmaculada C. Álvarez


A primer on the theory and practice of efficiency and productivity analysis

Luis Orea, José L. Zofío

A new approach to measuring the rebound effect associated to energy efficiency improvements: An application to the US residential energy demand

Luis Orea, Manuel Llorca, Massimo Filippini


Evaluating the double effect of land fragmentation on technology choice and dairy farm productivity: A latent class model approach

Luis Orea, José Antonio Pérez-Méndez, David Roibás


Eco-efficiency among dairy farmers: The importance of socio-economic characteristics and farmer attitudes

María Pérez Urdiales, Alfons Oude Lansink, Alan Wall

May, 23


Heterogeneous spillovers among Spanish provinces: A generalized spatial stochastic frontier model

Alberto Gude (University of Oviedo)


Jun, 20


Achieving a sustainable cost efficient business model in banking: The case of European banks

Ana Lozano (University of Malaga)


Nov, 30


Factores que determinan el precio de las subastas de pescado

Antonio Álvarez (University of Oviedo)


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