A comparative analysis of business R&D policy in Spain and Portugal

Adão Carvalho, Beatriz Corchuelo


This paper compares the R&D policy strategy of Spain and Portugal to promote business R&D, with particular attention to R&D objectives, incentives and outcomes. Despite having two of the most generous fiscal systems for R&D, their S&T indicators remain comparatively low compared with the EU average. Perhaps not expected, the BERD/GDP ratio in Portugal has grown at higher rates than that of Spain, leading to a faster approach of Portugal to Spain and the EU average, especially after 2005. On the contrary, the R&D growth rate in Spain has slowed down and began to decrease after 2008, coinciding with the implementation of a tax reform. There are lessons to be learned from each country’s R&D policy.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17811/ebl.2.3.2013.116-127


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ISSN: 2254-4380