EuroStrings 2023 is part of a cycle of yearly conferences gathering researchers from all over Europe and elsewhere, working in String Theory, the AdS/CFT correspondence, Quantum Gravity and Quantum Field Theories, and the relations among them. We hope that this conference will be an opportunity for having exciting scientific discussions and fostering new collaborations.

We invite anyone (especially junior researchers) to submit an abstract for a contributed talk during the registration procedure. There will also be a poster session (and a prize for the best poster!) to which the youngest participants can also apply.

Please have a look at the information section on how to travel to Gijón and the local COVID situation.

10/01/2023: It has come to our attention that some travel agency is sending e-mails to participants, asking for travel dates in order to book a hotel room during the conference. Please be aware that the organising committee has not directed any travel agency to contact any particpant whatsoever (It's likely a scam).

Earlier meetings in the EuroStrings series were held in Lyon '22, London '18, Milano '17 & Leuven '15 & Cambridge '15.

For queries or more information regarding this workshop do not hesitate to contact one of the organising committee.

Organising Committee

Scientific Advisory Committee