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Josefina Díez Viñuela

Professor in Inorganic Chemistry



Josefina Díez Viñuela was born in the county of León (Spain). She got a degree in Chemistry Sciences in the University of Oviedo from where she also received her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Carlos Otero Areán. Then she was assistant teacher and since 1991 until now she is member of permanent staff in the Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Department in the University of Oviedo.

During the last years, the research she has been carried out has been mainly focused in two directions:

  • Activation of alkynes by transition metals complexes of groups 8 and 11.

  • Structural determination of molecular compounds by monocrystal X-Ray techniques.

As a result, about 20 articles were published in internationally recognized peer-reviewed scientific journals in the last five years.



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