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 Daniel García
 Full Professor
(Catedrático de Universidad)

 Depto. Biología de Organismos y Sistemas - UMIB
 University of Oviedo

C/ Valentín Andrés Álvarez s/n, Oviedo 33006 Asturias Spain
 Phone: +34 985 104784
 E-mail: danielgarcia[at]


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Starting a new project, funded by Fundación BBVA

We are shaping an outstanding collaborative team, with SERIDA and SEO/BirdLife colleagues, to develop a new research project seeking to identify key
bird species depending on their roles as providers of ecosystem services. We will combine DNA metabarcoding techniques with the analyses of ecological networks of insect predation and seed dispersal.

We are funded by a grant for research teams in Ecology and Conservation Biology by Fundación BBVA for the next two years!
From left to right: Nicolás López (SEO/BirdLife),  Juan  Carlos Illera (UniOvi),  Daniel García  (UniOvi),  Marcos Miñarro (SERIDA), Beatriz Rumeu (UniOvi) , Juan Pedro González-Varo (UniOvi), Photo ©  Fundación BBVA.

About me
 Academic background Professional background
 B Sci in Biology (Univ Granada  1994)
 Ph D in Ecology (Univ Granada 1998)
FPU Fellow (Univ Granada 1994-1998)
Postdoc Fellow
(Univ Granada  1994-1999)
Postdoc Fellow (Univ Laval 1999-2000)
Assistant Teacher 
(Univ Granada 2001)
Ramón y Cajal Fellow (Univ Oviedo 2001-2006)
Tenure-track Associate Professor
(Univ Oviedo 2006-2008)
Associate Professor
(Univ Oviedo 2008-2021)


We focus on ecological interactions to study the role of biodiversity on ecosystem functions. Functions derived from animals' trophic activity, like pollination, seed dispersal, herbivory and insectivory, condition pivotal ecosystem services such as crop production, forest recovery and pest control.

We aim to understand how the diversity of species and the structure of interaction networks drive the magnitude and the stability of ecosystem functions, and how the spatial configuration of landscape conditions the biodiversity-ecosystem function link.

Based on our studies, we seek to develop tools for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management in the real-world.

See a recent video about our current reseach in Youtube

Photos © Marcos Miñaro (bugs) & Daniel García (fruits)
Artwork © Daniel García


Study systems

We work in the highly anthropized ecosystems of the Cantabrian range (Asturias, N Spain). Most of our research has been carried out in montane forests. These forests have  suffered storng habitat loss and large-scale fragmentation from historical times, but they are naturally recovering after pasture abandonment. The forests are dominated by fleshy-fruited woody plants (Crataegus monogyna, Ilex aquifolium, Rubus ulmifolius) dispersed by birds (Turdus sp., Sylvia sp.) and mammals (carnivores). We try to generalize our findings to other temperate forests in the world, looking at similar plant-animal interaction systems in regions like Austral South America or temperate Oceania.

We have extended our research to agricultural ecosystems, working now in the cider apple orchards of central Asturias. These are traditional, environmental friendly crops embedded in a highly variegated mosaic of semi-natural forests, pastures and hedgerows. There, we study the ecosystem services provided by different animal groups like pollinator insects and insectivorous birds.

Photo © Marcos Miñaro

Ongoing and recent projects

Daniel García
Disentangling the link between bird biodiversity and ecosystem services in Cantabrian agroecosystems: Taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic effects (AGRABIES). CGL2015-68963-C2-2-R (MinECo). 2016-2018. Participants: Daniel García (LR), Fredrik Dalerum, Matthias Schleuning, Isabel Donoso, Carlos Guardado; Pedro J. Rey (Coordinator CGL2015-68963-R).

©  Daniel Martínez

Managing ecosystem services for fruit production in different European climates (ECOFRUIT). PCIN2014-145-C02-02 (MinECo); BiodivERsA-FACCE2014-74. 2015-2017. Participants: Daniel García (LR), Marcos Miñarro, Rocío Rosa; Jordi Bosch (Coordinator PCIN2014-145); Alexandra M. Klein (Coordinator BiodivERsA-FACCE2014-74),

Selected publications
García D*, Miñarro M* & Martínez-Sastre R (2021) Enhancing ecosystem services in apple orchads: nest boxes increase pest control by insectivorous birds. Journal of Applied Ecology 254:233-243 (*Equal contribution authorship)
García D, Donoso I & Rodríguez-Pérez J. (2018) Frugivore biodiversity and complementarity in interaction networks enhance landscape scale seed dispersal. Functional Ecology 32:2742–2752.
García D, Miñarro M & Martínez-Sastre R (2018) Birds as suppliers of pest control in cider apple orchards: avian biodiversity drivers and insectivory effect. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 254:233-243
Schleuning M, Fründ J & García D (2015) Predicting ecosystem function from biodiversity and mutualistic networks: an extension of trait-based concepts to plant-animal interactions. Ecography 38:380-392 (Equal contribution authorship)
García D, Martínez D, Stouffer DB & JM Tylianakis (2014) Exotic birds increase generalization and compensate for native bird decline in plant-frugivore assemblages. Journal of Animal Ecology 83:1441-1450
García D & Martínez D (2012) Species richness matters for the quality of ecosystem services: a test using seed dispersal by frugivorous birds. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279: 3106-3113.
García, D, Zamora R & Amico GC (2011) The spatial scale of plant-animal interactions: effects of resource availability and habitat structure. Ecological Monographs 81:103-121
García D & Chacoff NP (2007) Scale-dependent effects of habitat fragmentation on hawthorn pollination, frugivory and seed predation. Conservation Biology 21: 400-411.
García D, Obeso JR & Martínez I (2005) Spatial concordance between seed rain and seedling establishment in bird-dispersed trees: does the scale matter? Journal of Ecology 93: 693-704
García D & Ortiz-Pulido R (2004) Patterns of resource tracking by avian frugivores at multiple spatial scales – two case studies on discordance among scales. Ecography 27: 187-196.
García D (2001) Effects of seed dispersal on Juniperus communis recruitment on a Mediterranean mountain. Journal of Vegetation Science 12: 839-848.
García D, Zamora R, Gómez JM, Jordano P & Hódar JA (2000) Geographical variation in seed production, predation and abortion in Juniperus communis throughout its range in Europe. Journal of Ecology 88: 436-446.
García D, Zamora R, Hódar JA & Gómez JM (1999) Age structure of Juniperus communis L. in the Iberian peninsula: conservation of remnant populations in Mediterranean mountains. Biological Conservation 87: 215-220.
Full list of publications and PDF files


The lab

Current people
Rocío Peña (Ph D student, FPI)

Former people
Valeria Aschero (Ph D, co-supervisor D Vázquez)
Rafael Bueno
(Ph D, co-supervisors T La Mantia and M Galetti)
Cristina de Castro (Technician)
Natacha Chacoff (post-doc)
Silvia Crespo 
(Graduate Thesis, co-supervisor R Peña)
Isabel Donoso (Ph D)
Lucía García (M Sc)
Margarita García (Technician)
Susana García (Technician)
Alejandro González (Graduate Thesis, co-supervisor M Miñarro)
Carlos Guardado (Technician)
José Manuel Herrera (
Ph D)
Rocío Jaña (Ph D, co-supervisors D Kelly and S Richardson)
Daniel Martínez (Ph D, post-doc)
Isabel Martínez (Ph D, co-supervisor JR Obeso)
Luis Matías (M Sc, co-supervisor R Zamora)
Alejandro Núñez (Technician)
Andrés Peredo (MEC Collaboration grant)
René Pérez (Technician)
Jairo Robla (
Graduate Thesis, MECD Collaboration Grant)
Vanesa Rivera (Technician)
Juan Rodríguez (Technician)
Javier Rodríguez-Pérez (post-doc)
Beatriz Rumeu (post-doc)
Alicia Valdés (Ph D)

Current collaborators
Juan Pedro González-Varo (Univ Cádiz, Spain)
Peter Hamback (Univ Stockholm, Sweden)
Juan Carlos Illera (IMIB, Spain)
Marcos Miñarro (SERIDA, Spain)
Pedro Rey (Univ Jaén, Spain)
Beatriz Rumeu (Univ Cádiz, Spain)
Matthias Schleuning (BIK-F, Germany)

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