Daniel García
Full Professor of Ecology - Catedrático de Ecología
Depto. Biología de Organismos y Sistemas - Universidad de Oviedo 
Instituto Mixto de Investigación en Biodiversidad (UO-CSIC-PA)        
Address: Valentín Andrés Álvarez s/n, Oviedo 33006 Asturias Spain
 Phone: +34 985 104784
 E-mail: danielgarcia[at]uniovi.es

My academic background...
I am a biologist (degree in 1994) with a PhD in Ecology (1998) by the University of Granada, and a two-year (1999-2000) post-doc in the Université Laval (Québec). I was recruited as an Associate Researcher (“Ramón y Cajal” Program) in the University of Oviedo in 2001. I obtained the I3 Research Excellence Certificate in 2006.

My education work entails 25 years of University teaching for Biology, Environmental Science and Forestry students. I have supervised three postdocs, ten PhD  and numerous Master and Degree thesis.

My activity in science transference includes the development of environmental policies, workshops for environmental and agricultural forums, divulgation talks for schools and NGOs, technical and dissemination articles, and outreach through media.

My research...
My research lays on community ecology in terrestrial temperate ecosystems. Using ecological interactions (predation, exploitation, mutualism, facilitation) as study targets, I have evaluated the effects of anthropogenic disturbances (land use, habitat loss and fragmentation) in the outcome of ecological (from demographic to diversity-driving) processes.

From a theoretical point of view, my early works using spatially-explicit approaches have become classical references about the relevance of spatial scale in the understanding of ecosystem functions. From an applied standpoint, my studies evidenced the relevance of managing plant-animal interactions for shaping forest recovery.

I am now investigating the links between animal biodiversity and the magnitude and the resilience of ecosystem functions derived from trophic processes. By focusing on agroecosystems, I study biodiversity effects on ecosystem services such as seed dispersal, pest control and crop pollination. My academic goal is to develop biodiversity-food win-win scenarios with the theoretical understanding of landscape heterogeneity and ecological interaction networks.
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My milestones...
I have led 13 research grants from competitive programs (Spanish Government R&D National Program, EU Biodiversa, BBVA Foundation) with a total budget of 1M€, and participated in eight research teams funded by EU ERA-Net, CYTED, R&D National Program, etc.

I have authored >100 scientific publications, most of them articles in JCR-indexed journals. I have been listed as a highly cited author by Ioannidis et al. (2020). Here you have all my publications.

As a peer-reviewer, I have reviewed >>100 manuscripts for >50 international journals of Ecology, Zoology and Plant Sciences. I am currently Associate Editor of the BES journal Functional Ecology. I review grant proposals for Spanish ANEP/AEI, German Research Foundation, Flanders Research Foundation, Swiss National Science Foundation, BBVA Foundation, and Argentinian CONICET, among others.

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