Photographic series, performance and video art

Asturias, 2021

The cliffs of Cabo Negro are located on the beautiful and temperamental coasts of Asturias (Northern Spain). If observed from above, the coastline around this area is extraordinarily beautiful. If looked at closely, however, one becomes aware of the different layers of organic and inorganic materials, all blended to form a genuine anthropogenic space.

This series of photographs, photo-performance and video art reflect on the extent to which artistic interventions can complement scientific approaches to the phenomena of the Anthropocene and challenge the cultural assumptions that associate blue spaces with ideals of healthy life-style, the purity of nature and the conceptualisation of the sea as an instrument for our enjoyment and emotional comfort.

Photographic series and video-art:

Venancio J. Mayo

Choreography and performance:

Laura Cueto


Luz Mar González-Arias

Production: HEAL:

Health, Environment, Arts and Literature [PAPI-20-PUENTE-15] and END: Illness in the Age of Extinction [PID2019-109565RB-I00/AEI/10.13039/501100011033]