LABoral Arts Centre

ON ILLNESS is a collaborative project between Laura Cueto (dancer, choreographer and performance artist) and Luz Mar González-Arias (lecturer at the University of Oviedo, specialist in contemporary medical poetry) which seeks to reflect on the condition of being ill in the 21st century through a performative response to poems revolving around a variety of illnesses, among them Irish poet Dorothy Molloy’s “Gethsemane Day”.

Setting out from Virginia Woolf’s famous essay “On Being Ill”, this project contemplates and investigates the difficulty of articulating illness through words, and situates the body as the subject, not a mere object, of research into the concepts of health and illness, thereby offering a complementary perspective to that of both medical-health discourses and literary criticism on the theme. The resulting work will be multimedia in nature, using words, images and sound space to support the performance.

ON ILLNESS aims at developing new ways of conducting academic research through the body and artistic expression and is framed within the R&D project “END: Illness in the Age of Extinction” (PID2019-109565RB-I00).

This project has been selected for the 2021 Artist-in-Residence Programme at LABoral Arts Centre (Gijón, Asturias).