3 November 2023

Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
University of Oviedo


J’aime Morrison
Professor of Movement and Performance
California State University

MOURNING SURF: In Waves… Grief Moves.

A Somatic Workshop of Embodying Grief


Saltwater is the cure for anything, sweat, tears, and the sea
Isak Dinesen

Mourning Surf offers a safe space to explore the ebb and flow of grief through healing movement. Our workshops are inclusive and welcoming of all who have experienced grief or loss in their life. With the understanding that grief is a process and that the journey of mourning is not linear or finite, we offer an expressive movement practice as meditation, as a mode of transformation, and as a creative force for our healing. The root of the word “mourning” is to remember – and this workshop puts mourning in motion – to honor, remember, and express our grief. I have termed what I teach in these workshops, “expressive movement,” because I am interested in what and how the body communicates, expresses, and transforms grief creatively from the inside out. As choreographer Martha Graham wrote, “The body never lies,” and until we attend to the physical impact of grief, we cannot fully embrace and embody the future. Grief really does come in waves, and we must learn to ride them – join us as we learn to dance the waves… This workshop will involve meditation and movement.