Eva Tubío Arcos

Eva Tubío Arcos



Principality of Asturias Health Service

Eva Tubío Arcos is a mental health specialist nurse who has worked within the Programme of Attention to Serious Mental Disorder for the SESPA (Principality of Asturias Health Service) since 2005. The philosophy of the programme is based on the Case Management Model, where the nurse is the reference figure that coordinates the provision of individualised social and health care services to the patient in order for them to appropriately integrate into the community.

For the last few years she has been focusing on gender-related training and is currently enrolled on the Gender and Diversity PhD Programme at the University of Oviedo, where her doctoral thesis is being supervised by Luz Mar González-Arias and Rosario González Arias.

She feels that her experience of motherhood changed her in such a way that it prompted her to train in Perinatal Mental Health with the European Institute of Perinatal Mental Health. The subject of her doctoral thesis, and its objective, is to raise awareness of the experience of motherhood, and bring about changes in the care of mothers and their babies during pregnancy and in the first year of life that take into account the family unit. Eva has participated in awareness raising campaigns for postpartum psychosis and published (with her colleague Isabel Álvarez) an article entitled “Conceptualizing Motherhood: Instinct or Behaviour? A Thematic Review”.

She is also an accredited nurse specialist in the multi-disciplinary teaching unit of the SESPA and was part of the Organizing Committee of a Perinatal Mental Health Day organized by AEESME (Mental Health Nurses Association) held at the San Agustín Hospital (Avilés, 2019).