Oviedo V Postgraduate Meeting On Theoretical Physics

How to reach Oviedo

Oviedo is located at the north of Spain (sure there is also an Oviedo in the U.S.,but is not this one). In anycase the beach is not far :-).

Location of the meeting

  • The meeting will take place at the Facultad de Geología de la Universidad de Oviedo, Calle Jesús Arias de Velasco, s/n, 33005 Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Useful information regarding the city and lodgement in Oviedo

BonOviedo card

Thanks to the Oviedo city council, we will be pleased to hand over to each of the participants, a meal voucher. The amount of money it covers is up to 20 euro/person (for a more expensive meal, the difference must be paid), but there are several restrictions related to its use:

  • This card will be only active from November 17-th to November 20-th, so it covers more days than the Postgraduate Meeting. The idea is to give to those who want to stay longer, the chance to use it as they prefer.
  • It can only be used once, and it will cover up to the amount of money previously established. If for example, someone uses it to cover a 10 euro meal, the difference will not be retrieved in any way.
  • It can only be employed at certain restaurants or bars in the city of Oviedo. Attached to each card, there is a list of the places where its use is admitted, and a map of where to find them.

  • Luckily, the restaurant at which the social dinner will take place admits the use of this card, so in this case, one would pay only the 5 euro difference. Still, each participant can dispose of the meal voucher freely.

    Touristic information

    If you want to do a bit of tourism here you can find some useful information. Below we enumerate some museums and monuments:

  • The San Salvador cathedral
  • The archaeological museum
  • The city of Oviedo (only spanish version)

  • Also you can take a look at the Oviedo official tourism webpage and the one of the region of Asturias.

    List of hostals and hotels

    You can choose from the following searchs on booking, TripAdvisor or infohostal. However, it could happen that there is no availability on those websites but still the corresponding hostel keeps some rooms left; for this reason we recommend to try and reach the hostel directly through its own webpage before giving up. Here's a non-exhaustive list of possibilities (prices shown are orientative):

  • Pretty close (5 min.) to the meeting venue, but possibly expensive, are the Ayre hotels Ramiro I and Oviedo, whose lowest prices start from 46-70 ¤.
  • Also quite close (5 min.) lie the Hostal Pimentel and Hotel Santa Cruz.
  • Within 15-20 min. walking distance, next to the train station (which is not far from the bus station) and still in the city center lie a bunch of cheap ho(s)tels (20-25 ¤), Favila Oviedo, Hotel Alteza, Hostal Oviedo, Hostal Álvarez, Pensión Romero, Hostal San Juan and Hostal Arias.
  • If you feel like waking up in the old part of the city (only 20 min.), you might like the following (20-35 ¤), Hostal Arcos, Hostal Fidalgo, Hostal Mendizábal, Hotel Ovetense, Hostal Albino and Gran Hotel España (kind of posch, 50 ¤ and up).
  • Finally, possibly the cheapest option is to share a double room at the youth hostel (you need a Hostelling International card, 6-13 ¤) which lies at the other side of the city, but still within 20 min. walking distance, Albergue Juvenil Residencia Ramón Menéndez Pidal.

  • Universidad de Oviedo High Energy Physics Group website of the Oviedo Univeristy