Wolfast is the team of the University of Oviedo in the international competition Motostudent, a competition promoted by the Moto Engineering Foundation with the collaboration of important motorcycling organizations such as DORNA or ANESDOR.

Motostudent is a biannual international challenge between universities, which is included in the FIM calendar, the objective of the competition being that each university team designs an electric or combustion racing motorcycle according to the given regulations and builds a prototype to compete on a speed circuit.

The University of Oviedo has participated in all editions of the competition, obtaining remarkable results.



Our team is the successor of all the teams that have represented the University of Oviedo in previous editions of Motostudent.


La apuesta de nuestro equipo por las soluciones innovadoras a lo largo de todas las ediciones del concurso la ha convertido en una se├▒a de identidad propia.


The team faces the challenges of motostudent from different points of view, with the help of students from six centers of the University of Oviedo.


Our team has achieved outstanding results, consistently ranking among the top 10 universities in the project and innovation rankings.


Betting on renewable energies in order to increase development and demonstrate that they are a viable and feasible alternative.


The key to success of our team is the passion of all its members in engineering, competition and motorsport.


Sponsors that make all this possible, being sponsors from all sectors, from financial institutions and municipalities to technical companies, click on their logos and learn a little more about them and their mission.

El diseño de una moto de competición con los mas altos estándares de calidad y competitividad hace de este proyecto, un proyecto complejo, que requiere de apoyo económico y tecnológico para ser realidad, y como en cada edición, contamos con grandes apoyos que creen en nosotros y en el proyecto.

From Wolfast Uniovi we thank all those who make this possible, from the biggest sponsor to collaborators, giving us wings to create, either with funds, materials or even coaching and collaboratimg with us.