When the primary data that is stored in SeedArc is used in a publication, this generates a secondary dataset. By the data management rules of SeedArc, these secondary datasets must be published open-access. Here we compile all publications including secondary SeedArc datasets:

Ordóñez-Parra CA et al. (2023) Rock n’ Seeds: A Database of Seed Functional Traits and Germination Experiments from Brazilian Rock Outcrop Vegetation. Ecology 104, e3852.

Fernández-Pascual E et al. (2021) The seed germination spectrum of alpine plants: a global meta-analysis. New Phytologist 229, 3573-3586.

Fernández-Pascual E (2021) SylvanSeeds, a seed germination database for temperate deciduous forests. Journal of Vegetation Science 32, e12960.