Call for submissions

Deadline for abstract submission is March 15.

All participants are invited to present their mathematical work either as a Short Communication (30 m) or as a Poster. An abstract will be accepted for consideration provided that it has been sent before March 15, 2015. Please note that, due to the format of the meeting, only a limited number of oral communications can be scheduled. Due to this limitation, our plan is to highlight the presentation of posters.

Pay attention to the following instructions for abstract submissions:

  • Abstracts must be sent to
  • Subject must be SURCOM (name)
  • Preference (short communication or poster) must be clearly mentioned.
  • Abstracts must be generated using the Latex template of the congress which is available here
  • Abstract should be written in English and following the instructions provided in the template
  • The abstract text should contain:
    – A clear statement of the results and their context (between 150 and 250 words).
    – References (not exceeding five).
  • Authors must send both, the LaTeX file and the generated PDF file
  • Authors should wait for an acknowledgement of receipt of the abstract to be sent by organizers in reasonable time.

After hearing of the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, organizers will communicate the acceptance/rejection to authors before March 30, 2015. Abstracts of accepted communications and posters will be published in the web site of the congress. As already mentioned, due to timetable limitations, the organizers could propose some oral communications to be presented as posters.