The Seminar on Trade Studies of Asturias (SECA) was established as an independent advisory tool encompassed by a multidisciplinary group of professors, researchers, and scholars at the service of organizations, institutions and social agents in the commercial sector in Asturias in 2005. SECA emerged as the result of the long-termed collaboration between the Ministry of Industry and Employment of the Principality of Asturias and the University of Oviedo.

Originally, SECA was hosted at the School of Business Studies of the University of Oviedo, moving later to the Faculty of Economics and Business of the same university. SECA has been led by José Manuel Pérez Fernández, and later of Begoña Álvarez Álvarez. Since 2018, SECA is linked to the Research Group for Socio-Legal Studies of the Territory and Sustainable Urban Development (GTDS) hosted by the Department of Public Law of the University of Oviedo and it is lead by Professor María Rosario Alonso Ibáñez.

The Seminary of Commerce Studies of Asturias (SECA) is located in the Campus of El Cristo A, Departmental Building (Law), low level. 33006-Oviedo.