Milagros Balbín

Laboratorio de Oncología Molecular
AGC Laboratorio de Medicina
Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias
Avda de Roma s/n 33011 Oviedo Spain


1- Molecular markers in cancer. Determination of alterations and potential application in the classification of tumors.

2- Family cancer.

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Lab web page


1. Molecular markers in cancer. Determination of alterations and potential application in the classification of tumors.

a. Genetic alterations in glial tumors
b. Development and application of more sensitive techniques for the analysis of tumor mutations of clinical application: liquid biopsy, digital PCR
c. Application of new technologies for the diagnosis of hematological tumors

2. Family cancer.

d. Analysis of specific mutations of Asturias population in families of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome.
e. Identification of genetic alterations in rare familial cancer syndromes

3. Collaborations with other research groups


Milagros Balbín holds a PhD in Biology from the University of Oviedo. Her current position is the Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology of the Central University Hospital of Asturias, position that she acceded in 2004 for the establishment of this Laboratory, being currently the reference for the entire public health network of Asturias, as support in the molecular diagnosis of cancer. Research studies of the team have been directed to the search of markers to be incorporated into the care laboratory, either with own projects, or participating through collaborations with other groups. Her previous work (1993-2004) focused, as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oviedo in the team of Dr. López Otín, in studies related to cancer, cloning of murine genes homologous to human metalloproteases and creation of animal models for the study of these proteases. She has co-directed three doctoral theses.


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Milagros Balbín Felechosa Group leader mbalbin@hca.es 985108000 Ext 38672
Ana Gloria Sánchez Pitiot Researcher anapitiot@uniovi.es 985108000 Ext 38828
Mª Marta González Alvarado Technician gonzalezamaria@uniovi.es 985108000 Ext 38828
Carmen Mª Alvarez Lopez Researcher carmenalvarez29@yahoo.es 985108000 Ext 37572
Mª Angeles Cubiella Granda Technician 985108000 Ext 38828
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Ángel Alvarez Eguiluz Pre-doctoral UO201380@uniovi.es 985108000 Ext 38828