Holography and Quantum Gravity :: 5 & 6 October 2017

Recently the HEP-TH group of the University of Oviedo has moved to a spacier location, and in order to celebrate our move we decided to organise the Holography and Quantum Gravity workshop, which will be held

on October 5 and 6 of 2017.

The two day meeting will have 5 one hour talks based around the latest developments in the AdS/CFT correspondence, Quantum Gravity and Quantum Field Theories as well as the profound relations existing between them. The workshop is structured in a discussion-friendly schedule and located in very friendly surroundings, with the aim of creating the ideal environment for scientific discussion.

Everybody interested in participating in the workshop is happily invited to register and participate. Due to limited funding, however, we can not cover any expense your participation may entail, but we will invite you to coffee/tea during the coffee breaks.

The list of speakers is

For queries or more information regarding this workshop do not hesitate to contact us at hepthuniovi@gmail.com