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The Oviedo Efficiency Group (OEG) comprises a group of researchers working in the fields of efficiency and productivity analysis. The Group was created in 1997 by Dr Antonio Álvarez, who led it until 2010 and consolidated its international standing. The international quality of the Group is demonstrated by the large number of articles published in top international journals (more than 50 since 2015) and the invitations to be Associate Editors of Journal of Productivity Analysis and Empirical Economics. In early 2015, the Group began collaborating with the Cluster of Energy, Environment and Climate Change created by the University of Oviedo through the framework of the Campus of International Excellence project. The OEG members have collaborated with top researchers such as Subal Kumbhakar, Peter Schmidt, Knox Lovell, Tooraj Jamasb and Bert Balk, among others. Their research activity has often received financial support from the regional government of Principality of Asturias, the Spanish government and the European Union.

The OEG organized a course titled “The Measurement of Firms’ Efficiency and Productivity” in Madrid (21th-25th May, 2018). The course's main objective was to promote knowledge of advanced techniques in benchmarking (frontier) analysis using a practical, “hands-on” approach. The course was very successful in terms of attendants (more than 40) from both Spain and abroad. The OEG is expected to organize a new advanced course in 2020.



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How effective has been the Spanish lockdown to battle COVID-19?  A spatial analysis of the coronavirus propagation across provinces

Luis Orea, Inmaculada C. Álvarez


Managing power supply interruptions: a bottom-up spatial (frontier) model with an application to a Spanish electricity network

Pablo Argüelles, Luis Orea


Spatial Production Economics

Luis Orea, Inmaculada C. Álvarez


The effect of weather conditions on port technical efficiency

García-Alonso, L., Moura, TGZ., I. and Roibás, D.


A new stochastic frontier model with cross-sectional effects in both noise and inefficiency terms

Orea, L. and Álvarez, I.


The influence of weather conditions on dairy production

Perez-Mendez, J.A., Roibás, D. and Wall, A.


XI North American Productivity Workshop


Coral Gables, 08 - 12 Jun 2020


Asia-Pacific Productivity Conference 2020


Seoul, 04 - 06 Jul 2020



I Congreso de Eficiencia y Productividad


Elche, 03 – 04 Sep 2020


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