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» Volume XVI/1 (Autumn, 1996) The Philosophy of Descartes
» Volume XVI/2 (Spring 1997) Papers by Chomsky, Putnam, and much more...
» Volume XVI/3 (Summer, 1997) Papers on a lively topic - terrorism
» Volume XVII/1 (Winter, 1998) 25 years after the publication of Kripke's Naming and Necessity, TEOREMA explores its influence on contemporary Philosophy
» Volume XVII/2 (Spring, 1998) A previously unpublished paper by, and an interview with, Michael Dummett
» Volume XVII/3 (Autumn, 1998) Philosophy of Technology.
» Volume XVIII/1 (Winter, 1999) Proceedings of a University Workshop on John Searle's philosophy, held at Tenerife (Spain) in June 1997
» Volume XVIII/2 (Spring, 1999) This issue includes a previously unpublished paper by the Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno
» Volume XVIII/3 (Autumn, 1999) Animal rights
» Volume XIX/1 (Winter, 2000)
» Volume XIX/2 (Spring, 2000)
» Volume XIX/3 (Autumn, 2000) Spanish version of the proceedings of the 11th SOFIA Conference on "Scepticism, externalism and contextualism"
» Volume XX/1-2 (2001) This issue includes a paper by Huntington about the crash of civilizations
» Volume XX/3 (2001)
» Volume XXI (2002) The Philosophy of George Santayana
» Volume XXII/1-2(2003)
» Volume XXII/3 (2003)
» Volume XXIII/1-3 (2004) The Philosophy of Kant
» Volume XXIV/1 (2005)
» Volume XXIV/2 (Spring, 2005)
» Volume XXIV/3 (Autumn, 2005) Commemoration of the Centenary of the publication of Russell's "On Denoting"
» Volume XXV/1 (2006) Aspects of The Philosophy of John McDowell
» Volume XXV/2 (Spring, 2006)
» Volume XXV/3 (Autumn, 2006)
» Volume XXVI/1 (Winter, 2007)
» Volume XXVI/2 (Spring, 2007) Monographic Issue: Grice's Meaning: Fifty years later
» Volume XXVI/3 (Autumn, 2007) Monographic Issue: Self-Deception: Conceptual problems
» Volume XXVII/1 (Winter, 2008)
» Volume XXVII/2 (Spring, 2008)
» Volume XXVII/3 (Autumn, 2008) Special Issue: Phenomenal Consciousness and Contemporary Naturalism
» Volume XXVIII/1 (Winter, 2009)
» Volume XXVIII/2 (Spring, 2009) 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species and 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth
» Volume XXVIII/3 (Autumn, 2009) Special Issue: Pragmatism, Truth and the Ethics of Belief; varia
» Volume XXIX/1 (Winter, 2010)
» Volume XXIX/2 (Spring, 2010) Special Issue: Animal Minds / La mente de los animales
» Volume XXIX/3 (Autumn, 2010)
» Volume XXX/1 (Winter, 2011) Book Symposium:
What is Analytic Philosophy?, by Hans-Johann Glock
» Volume XXX/2 (Spring, 2011) Special Issue: The Extended Mind; varia
» Volume XXX/3 (Autumn, 2011) Book Symposium: Expression and the Inner, by David H. Finkelstein; varia
» Volume XXXI/1 (Winter, 2012)
» Volume XXXI/2 (Spring, 2012) Book Symposium: The Apology Ritual, by Christian Bennett; varia.
» Volume XXXI/3 (Autumn, 2012) Monographic Issue: Philosophy of Music
» Volume XXXII/1 (Winter, 2013) Dummett's Legacy
» Volume XXXII/2 (Spring, 2013) Book Symposium: Truth-Conditional Pragmatics, by François Recanati; varia.
» Volume XXXII/3 (Autumn, 2013) Special Issue: The Aim of Belief.
» Volume XXXIII/1 (Winter, 2014)
» Volume XXXIII/2 (Spring, 2014) Aspects of Jaakko Hintikka's Philosophy.
» Volume XXXIII/3 (Autumn, 2014) Selected Papers from the teorema Essay Prize for Young Scholars 2013; Book Symposium: Scepticism and Reliable Belief, by José Zalabardo; varia.
» Volume XXXIV/1 (Winter, 2015) Book Symposium: Transparent Minds: A Study of Self-Knowledge, by Jordi Fernández; varia.
» Volume XXXIV/2 (Spring, 2015) Book Symposium: Rationality Through Reasoning, by John Broome; varia.
» Volume XXXIV/3 (Autumn, 2015) Monographic Issue. Intuition: Analytic, Phenomenological and Experimental Approaches
» Volume XXXV/1 (Winter, 2016)
» Volume XXXV/2 (Spring, 2016) Book Symposium: Deaths in Venice, by Philip Kitcher; varia.
» Volume XXXV/3 (Autumn, 2016) Monographic Issue. Learning From Fiction
» Volume XXXVI/1 (Winter, 2017)
» Volume XXXVI/2 (Spring, 2017)
» Volume XXXVI/3 (Autumn, 2017) Monographic Issue: Experimental Philosophy
» Volume XXXVII/1 (Winter, 2018) Book Symposium: Causation and Free Will, by Carolina Sartorio; varia.
» Volume XXXVII/2 (Spring, 2018) Book Symposium: Responsible Belief: A Theory in Ethics and Epistemology, by Rik Peels; varia.
» Volume XXXVII/3 (Autumn, 2018) Special Issue: Body, Action and Frst-Person Thought. Book symposium: From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds, by Daniel Dennett.
» Volume XXXVIII/1 (Winter, 2019) Book Symposium: The Enigma of Reason A New Theory of Human Understanding, by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber; varia.
» Volume XXXVIII/2 (Spring, 2019)
» Volume XXXVIII/3 (Autumn, 2019) Monographyc Issue: Explanation in Science
» Volume XXXIX/1 (Winter, 2020)
» Volume XXXIX/2 (Spring, 2020)
» Volume XXXIX/3 (Autumn, 2020)
» Volume XL/1 (Winter, 2021) Monographyc Issue: Philosophy of Medicine
» Volume XL/2 (Spring, 2021) Monographyc Issue: The Significance of the Tractatus
» Volume XL/3 (Autumn, 2021)
» Volume XLI/1 (Winter, 2022)
» Volume XLI/2 (Spring, 2022)
» Volume XLI/3 (Autumn, 2022)
» Volume XLII/1 (Winter, 2023)
» Volume XLII/2 (Spring, 2023)
» Volume XLII/3 (Autumn, 2023) Special Issue: Responsibility, Alternative Possibilities and Reasons

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