Research Unit of Biodiversity

We study the ecology, evolution, and conservation of species, communities and ecosystems of mountains and oceanic islands.

We combine field-based empirical research and ecological modeling, and integrate several perspectives, from molecular, functional and evolutionary ecology to conservation and evolutionary biology.


El Principado de Asturias (Servicio de Medio Natural) financia un trabajo de investigación sobre protocolos de análisis para monitorear las hormonas de estrés en las heces del oso pardo

Posted on 23 may 2016
Prior to the analyses on samples from wild brown bears, UMIB researchers will validate a protocol for hormone monitoring using three captive brown bears in the Proaza Rescue Centre (Fundación Oso de Asturias). In addition to standard validation criteria for immunoassays, a physiologic

Quantitative Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Integrating models with data. Un nuevo libro de la Oxford escrito por Otso Ovaskainen, Henrik Johan de Knegt y Maria del Mar Delgado

Posted on 22 may 2016
This novel, interdisciplinary text achieves an integration of empirical data and theory with the aid of mathematical models and statistical methods. The emphasis throughout is on spatial ecology and evolution, especially on the interplay between environmental heterogeneity and biologi