Research Unit of Biodiversity

We study the ecology, evolution, and conservation of species, communities and ecosystems of mountains and oceanic islands.

We combine field-based empirical research and ecological modeling, and integrate several perspectives, from molecular, functional and evolutionary ecology to conservation and evolutionary biology.


Article at THE CONVERSATION about Chernobyl wildlife

Posted on 13 May 2019
Article published by Germán Orizaola at THE CONVERSATION UK “Chernobyl has become a refuge for wildlife 33 years after the nuclear accident” Link: https://theconversation.com/chernobyl-has-become-a-refuge-for-wildlife-33-years-after-the-nuclear-accident-116303

The Science Club, 2019.

Posted on 08 May 2019
On May 10, the Philharmonic Theater will host the 3rd Edition of “The Science Club,” a proposal organized by the CSIC-Asturias, the City of Oviedo – Popular University and the Association of Scientific Divulgation of Asturias

CEEI Meeting and Radar Prize

Posted on 06 May 2019
The Delegation of the CSIC in Asturias presents on May 8 (10:00 h) the informative session of the CEEI on the creation of technology-based companies and the RADAR Spin-off awards at the Chamber of Commerce of Oviedo (floor 3).