Keywords of the Conference

  • Renewable Energy (RE)
  • Urban Solar Farm (USF)
  • Urban Wind Farm (UWF)
green building
  • Energy Storage (ES)
  • Smart Cities and Communities (SCC)
Smart bus Shelter
  • Smart City (SC)
  • Smart Grids (SG)
  • Lighting Smart Grids (LSG)
Lighting Smart Grids
  • Smart Homes (SH)
  • Smart Urban Furniture (SUF)
Fully renewable and LED based Zebra Crossing
  • Demand Side Management (DSD)
  • Information and Communication Tecnologies (ICT)
Communications in an urban context
  • Electric Transportation (ET)
  • Electric Vehicules (EV)
Electric Vehicles
  • Vehicule to Grid (V2G)
  • Vehicule to Building (V2B)
  • Vehicule to Home (V2H)

Summary of Keywords from the logo

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