For Students

A reduced student fee to participate in the conference (100 €) is available.

In addition, through a Students Partnership Program the sponsors of the conference organization are offering scholarships involving a number students at the conference depending on the partner availability.

We encourages students (Bachelor, Master or PhD level) to participate in the conference with the presentation of papers and technical studies.

A special call is done to participants in the Workroom on Renewable Energy of the EPI-GIJON in order to present works and new ideas.

Conference organization looks to promote the participation of students in the Poster Sessions and introduce them to the presentation of papers at international conferences and published in scientific journals.

It is a condition of obtaining a grant, in the Students Partnership Program , participate in the conference work, at least in the Poster Session level.

The organization of the conference would like to recognize the participation of IEEE student Branch of the University of Oviedo in order to promote and to encourage student participation in the poster sessions.

Poster Session

Chairman: Dr Jesús Cardesín (EPI-SPAIN)
Co-chairman: Eng. Pablo Quintana (EPI-SPAIN)

Information for Poster Exhibitors

The Poster Exhibition Area is open during ALL DAYS of the Conference although Poster Session is scheduled Thursday 12 of December from 16:30 to 18:00.

The Poster Exhibition Area is located on the same room of Exhibition Hall (Asturias room).

Poster Session

There are 20 two-sides-poster boards (40 posters max.). A poster number will be assigned to each poster. This number will appear in the program.

Authors will stand by their posters during Poster Session (Thursday 12 of December from 16:00 to 18:00) to answer questions and provide further information on their study results.

Authors are responsible for mounting and removing their posters.

Poster Exhibition Area is available during all days of the Conference and then posters can be mounted first day of the Conference (Wednesday 11, 2013) and removed at the end of the Conference (afternoon of the Friday 13, 2013).

Afternoon of the Friday 13 is an OPEN HOUSE period with free access to the Exhibition Hall and Posters mounted in Asturias room.

The poster exhibition staff will remove and dispose of posters that are not taken down. The staff assumes no responsibility for material left behind.


Posters should be laid out in portrait style. The poster board surface is 122 cm wide and 244 cm high. (Size A0 is a good option 1189 mm x 841 mm)

It is not possible to use thumbtacks or adhesive tape to mountain the poster on the poster board.

For legibility, we recommend the poster be no more than 150 cm high (Size A0 is a good option 1189 mm x 841 mm).

The poster number will be displayed on the top of the poster board.

Mounting materials will be available at the Poster Helpdesk.

Here are some hints that may be helpful for the preparation of your poster:

A poster structure is suggested:

Poster idea

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