Gatherers in XXI century Europe: The gooseneck barnacle fishery

By | 25 November, 2020

Documentary about the science and the management of the gooseneck barnacle fishery in the southwestern coast of Europe. It portrays the power of co-management to achieve a sustainable exploitation of the resource and to find solutions to the pressing problem of poaching. It also shows results from European research project PERCEBES on the recovery of exploited gooseneck barnacle populations and on the connection of distant populations by the drift of their pelagic larvae. 00:00 Intro 01:47 The diversity of management strategies in the Atlantic Arc 04:20 The diversity and ecology of stalked barnacle stands 07:48 BIODIVERSA project PERCEBES: the Human Exclusion Experiment 10:36 BIODIVERSA project PERCEBES: reproduction and larval dispersal by the currents 18:43 Results of the larval transport models 19:09 Results of the human exclusion experiment 20:30 Poaching 23:46 The PERCEBES collaborative workshop 26:26 The future of the fishery



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