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Building cages flat out!

People at “Metalistería El Vasco” are working frantically to meet the deadline with the cages. Folding, cutting, welding, drilling, sparks, shouts… Within 3 weeks we are supossed to be fixing those cages to the rocks at the intertidal in Brittany, Asturias, Galicia and Alentejo. Once finished, the cages will go through a galvanization bath, and then… Read More »

First try of a prototype cage

Yesterday we tried or first prototype of the experimental cages for the Human Exclusion Experiment in Asturias. It was difficult, not only because it was the first time, but also because it was very very difficult to find the right spot, with  a flat surface and at least 30% of stalked barnacles cover. Finally we… Read More »

PERCEBES at the kickoff BIODIVERSA meeting-Brussels, 4-5 April

As coordinator of PERCEBES, José Luis Acuña has participated in the kickoff  meeting of the BIODIVERSA ERANET. It was an opportunity to witness the fascinating diversity of projects which were finally financed in this 2015-2016 call. These address some of the most relevant ecological issues in our continent: climate change in the arctic, connectivity among populations (e.g. bears),… Read More »

First PERCEBES meeting at Sines, Portugal, 10-11 March

Representatives from all six universities gathered at the Center for Marine Sciences in Sines, Portugal. This was a very important meeting, because we had to agree on the methods for the upcoming experiment, which we will be conducting simultaneously in Alentejo (Portugal), Galicia and Asturias (Spain) and Britany (France). We also had to decide a… Read More »