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Anglo-Portuguese Studies CFP


No. 29/2020


            The call for articles is open for issue no. 29 of the Journal of Anglo-Portuguese Studies. Articles, written either in Portuguese or English in accordance with the attached norms and accompanied by the respective abstract (about one hundred words in English including the title) and bionote (about fifty words in English) should be submitted, in word format, before 30th June, to the following e-mail address: The Journal of Anglo-Portuguese Studies is published annually, it is subject to double-blind peer reviewing and indexed to SCOPUS. The journal is devoted to the publication of original work which contributes towards a better understanding of Anglo (British and North-American)-Portuguese relations over different periods, and covers a wide range of academic disciplines, including History, Sociology, Philosophy, Science, Economics, Politics, Literature, Journalism, Translation, or the Visual Arts. Irrespective of its publication in printed form, the Journal is released in digital form at

            Next year marks the bicentenary commemorations of the Portuguese Liberal Revolution. Due to the exceptional nature of the links to Great Britain, issue no. 29 of 2020 will, for the first time in the history of this Journal, be a thematic issue exclusively devoted to Anglo-Portuguese relations at the time of Liberalism (from the Revolution of 1820 to the Restoration of the Constitutional Charter in 1842).

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