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Staging the Peninsular War

Staging the Peninsular War

English Theatres 1807-1815

Susan Valladares


Ashgate, 2015

'In this groundbreaking investigation of theatrical engagements with the
anti-Napoleonic campaigns in Spain and Portugal, Valladares brings to life a
multifaceted panorama in which writing, performance, spectatorship, history and
politics converge into a fascinating intersection of forms of visuality and spectacularity.
Drawing upon innovative archival research, this study confirms the centrality of theatre
and the impact of Iberian cultures in early nineteenth-century Britain. Valladares’s
carefully researched and convincingly argued volume is an invaluable contribution to
the study of the politics of the early nineteenth-century stage and, more generally, to
the fields of Romantic Anglo-Hispanic and Anglo-Portuguese Studies.'
Diego Saglia, University of Parma, Italy

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