Seed Ecology

Seed Ecology VII
The seventh edition of the Seed Ecology Conference of the International Society for Seed Science took place in Gijón/Xixón, Asturias (Spain) from September 6 to September 9, 2022.

Taxus baccata

Seed Ecology VII

Seed functions and ecosystems

Seed Ecology VII accepts presentations dealing with all aspects of seed ecology, with a special focus on the variation of seed functions in world ecosystems. Talks are organized in the following sessions:

  1. Macroecology and evolution of seeds.
  2. Seed dispersal and plant-animal interactions.
  3. Theory and methods in seed trait ecology.
  4. Seed functions in plant communities.
  5. Seed-based restoration and conservation.
  6. Environmental control of seed germination timing.

Centaurium somedanum

Key Dates

Abstract submissions: 30 April, 2022

Abstract notifications: 31 May, 2022

Registration: 1 to 30 June, 2022

Travel grants: 22 May (applications) 31 May (decisions)

Conference talks: 6 to 9 September, 2022

Conference excursion: 10 September, 2022

Redes Nature Park

Species#6. Ranunculus parnassifolius subsp. favargeri Kupfer is endemic to Picos de Europa and Western Pyrenees, growing on limestone screes that have been under snow during winter and even can keep some snow during summer. It belongs to Ranunculaceae family.