Building cages flat out!

By | 9 June, 2017

A worker in “Metalistería El Vasco” folds one of the cages for the Human Exclusion Experiment, while Jorge Chachero, from DOCUMENTAZUL, shoots the whole scene for the video documentary.

People at “Metalistería El Vasco” are working frantically to meet the deadline with the cages. Folding, cutting, welding, drilling, sparks, shouts… Within 3 weeks we are supossed to be fixing those cages to the rocks at the intertidal in Brittany, Asturias, Galicia and Alentejo. Once finished, the cages will go through a galvanization bath, and then sent out to each of the places, spanning the whole Atlanctic Arc. A few months ago we could have done the galvanization right here in Gijón, in AGALSA, at the same place were “El Vasco” is. Unfortunatelly, the crisis has not forgiven AGALSA and its several dozens of workers, and we have to send the cages to a factory in Avilés, also in Asturias. Our visit to the metal workshop at “El Vasco” marked also the start of the PERCEBES video documentary. We wanted to shoot the process of ellaboration of the cages, from the scratch. Work on the script for the flick is almost done, and these are the very first scenes being filmed. We will not be shooting randomly to put it althogether at the end. There is a story, and it has to do with fishers, but also with science, but…wait a moment…no spoilers!!!