General PERCEBES meeting, Vigo, 14-15 May

By | 23 May, 2019

From left to right: José Luis Acuña (U. Oviedo), Amandine Nicolle (ENSTA/Bretagne), Julio Arrontes (U. Oviedo), Marieke Feis (Roscoff Marine Station, U. Sorbonne), Elena Ojea and  Carlota Muñiz (U. Vigo), Pierre-AntoineDumont (ENSTA/Bretagne), Henrique Queiroga (U. Aveiro), Alba Aguión (U. Vigo), Yaisell Borrel (U. Oviedo), Aline, Teresa Silva, Joana Fernandes, David Mateus, David Jacinto and Teresa Cruz (U. Evora), Elsa Vázquez (U. Vigo). Missing from the photo, but present during the meeting: Gonzalo Macho and  Paloma Morán (U. Vigo), Jesus Dubert and Rita Nolasco (U. Aveiro).


Sometimes when writting project proposals one fails to see important things that need to be done. The 2019 Vigo meeting was one of those. It was not planned but it has been essential. The project is in the middle of its last year and the Human Exclusion Experiment and recruitment series are about to finish. We gathered in Vigo to discuss how to finish both things, what papers to write, what deadlines for sample processing and data submission and, very importantly, how to prepare for the final, January 2020 collaborative workshop with fishers, ONGs and administrations. The project is ripe, and we needed to discuss how to do the harvest. We all enjoyed Vigo and the hospitality of Elsa Vázquez, Carlota Muñiz, Alba Aguión and Paloma Morán, they really made the thing work. Heading to the Asturias 2020 workshop!!!! Thanks to all!!

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