Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge Spectroscopy

GELP’s experience in Glow Discharges opened the door to the design, characterization and study of the analytical potential of Atmospheric-Pressure Glow Discharges (APGD). In the last years, this kind of glow discharges have revolutionized the ionization sources available in the market. APGD’s are non-expensive, fast and easy-to-use sources due to the low need for sample preparation and the lack of vacuum systems to sustain the discharge.

Latest works at GELP in this area have been focused on the study of the species generated through several sources designed in the group, having demonstrated the usefulness of this ionization sources as they offer robust, stable results.Currently, GELP studies the use of APGD sources for the analysis of gaseous samples containing organic and other volatile compounds, as well as the effect of said samples on the generated plasma.