Dr. César Álvarez-Llamas

PhD Student – University of Oviedo – Mieres Campus – Escuela Politécnica de Mieres
Grupo de Espectroscopía, Láseres y Plasma – 33600 Mieres, Spain
E-mail: ceallas@gmail.com

2012 – At Present – Ph. D. IN PHYSICS (Dpt. of Physics; University of Oviedo)
Advisors: Dr. Nerea Bordel and Dr. Jorge Pisonero

Pre-doctoral short stays abroad:
Research Center of Analytical Instrumentation (RCAI), Sichuan University, Chengdu, China. Collaboration with Prof. Yixiang Duan
Centro da Energia Nuclear na Agricultura – (CENA-USP), Purasicaba, SP, Brazil. Collaboration with Prof. Francisco Jose Krug

2011- 2012 – M.Sc. in Analytical & Bioanalytical Sciences (University of Oviedo)

2011 – Bachelor Degree in Physics (University of Oviedo)

Publications and citations

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