Practicum Program

    An essential part of the MBEH Programme is performing two PRACTICUM stages which could be made in a collaborating company or in a research laboratory
     The aim of the PRACTICUM periods is to provide opportunities to experience and integrate into different work environments, as a real life experience, in order to help the student to develop a future professional identity. 
      There will be a PRACTICUM I (10 ECTS) during the second semester, in the first academic year, and a PRACTICUM II (6 ECTS), at the beginning of the fourth semester, in the second academic year.   
        During the Practicum stage the students will have an assigned tutor to support and supervise their work.
      At the end of each PRACTICUM period the student should produce a PRACTICUM REPORT following defined guidelines and fill a formulary informing about their experience. The PRACTICUM REPORT will be marked by the Academic Board of the MBEH. 

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