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EU: 1550 €/year
Non-EU: 3200 €/year.
Ahead of the ordinary time for incription you can fill an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM that will be used to send information and announcements concerning the ordinary enrolment procedure.
Special recommended pre-registration and reservation period for non-resident foreign students, outside the European higher Education Area
Pre-registration1st April to 10th May 2021
Pre-enrolment period in university Master's degree for all students
Pre-registration: 1st April to 10th June 2021
Publication of 1st list of admitted applicants: Provisional list ( 1st July 2021). Claims to the provisional list: 2 to 6th July 2021. Final list of admited applicants ( 9th July 2021)
Position reservation for 1st list of admited applicants: 12 to 16th July 2021 (Your application will not be considered further unless you have paid this reservation fee; this amount will be discounted from the final payment).  
Matriculation: The matriculation will be carried out from 4th August to 7th September 2021, and can be done via the web or in person at the International Postgrade Centre (CIP) offices.
Total credits: 120
Number of credits in external practical’s: up to 18
Number of optional credits: 36
Number of compulsory credits: 60
Number of credits for Master´s project: 24
Number of credits additional formation: 0 a 12

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